Privacy Policy

This is to inform all/everyone, we are the best laptop Service Center in dealing Dell Brands Laptop Service. Firm is completely registered with the Indian Government under Section. The Company is registered under VAT, DVAT & CST ACT of India. You may visit to government's website and see in registered dealers of Delhi, India column. We have personal & Individual Setup for repairing/ servicing of Dell laptop/Dell desktop any other dell products which are not under warranty by consider by dell. We do not have any association with dell for services those products. But for dell originally spares you can direct buy with us at reasonable cost with dell official warranty. Dell Logo's, trademarks, domains are the complete authorized property of respected owners or belongs to dell. galaxy it experts are just using their logo, information for promotion or services only not any other reasons. So if anyone has doubts so they can write us. Or just leave us a message. This is not any official portal from Dell India, This is complete private portal managed by Galaxy it experts, An Authorized /Registered IT Firm of Delhi with Government authorization. For Any queries belongings to any respect you can write us. Email- , For any recommendations/ illegal postings, promotes/ for any recommended changes anybody can directly get in touch with us, we will definitely take appropriate action if any correction will be there. Thanks for everyone for reading this useful information.


02 February, 2020 | By Amit Kuma

Want An Easy Fix For Your Dell Laptop Screen Replacement

There are several instances when your Dell laptop starts malfunctioning. In this situation you suffer from lot of hassle as you never know what to do in this situation.find ultimate guide and help here! in proper way....


07 February, 2020 | By Amit Kuma

Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair & Replacement In Delhi

There are several users of Dell laptop who are performing different tasks on the their laptop. When you use laptop for time it comes across several problems. When laptop is used for longer period of time it undergoes wear and tear....


21 February, 2020 | By Amit Kumar

Finding dell laptop Windows 7/8/10 booting Issue in Delhi

When it comes to using laptop then most of the people always want to keep their laptop in best conditions. However, there are several instances when laptops of different people start malfunctioning.When the laptops of the different people start....

dell laptop full body replacement

28 February, 2020 | By Amit Kumar

Dell Laptop Body Damaged Repair & Replacement Service Center

There are several instances when the laptops of different people start malfunctioning and in this situation you can find people feel helpless. In such situation many people unable to perform their work and due to this reason they suffer from losses....


Part/Material Authorisation

We are using only originally, tested, compatible parts with good warranty return policy.

Product Warranty Return Policy/Warranty Policy

If any user purchased/replaced any dell/third party companies parts from our portal, is totally covers parts limited warranty or manufacturer warranty term and conditions only. We will not be responsible in any case if originally companies requirement does not met/fulfill by purchaser/user. Once the part is replaced not covered Onsite warranty during warranty tenure/period. User must visit to the Store for replacement of part in under warranty case. We will not provide any onsite warranty for replacement of warranty parts. For Under warranty parts replacement timings/shipping may take time. User/purchaser has to wait if in case part is not shipped by the manufacturer on given time. For Hard drive warranty replacement cases purchaser have to contact direct from the manufacturer like if hard drive is WD. Contact WD Support to get replacement under warranty services. Portal site/Apex Systems will not be responsible for any data loss and second installation of O/S and software's, user have to do installation itself or payable basis.

Additional Policy

Software Policy

We are not providing any unauthorized Sotwares/OS. Company is totally providing originally software support.

Invoice Policy

User/purchaser must show or share his/her invoice when the time of warranty/under warranty replacement cases of product. Companies Under warranty terms & conditions will be applicable.

Judiciary policy

All the Disputes are subject to Delhi Judiciary Only. All company related ,any Sales/ Consumer cases/ Under warranty replacement cases will be subject to delhi judiciary only.

Company's Staff Policy

For any mis-guidance, mis-understanding, or any services/sales related comments /issues have not directly officially companies’ cases. Sales/service person will be direct responsible for that.

Portal Information Policy

Information given on the portal is 100% correct or Genuine. Changes in the centers/establish centers address written on the portal may change. Online Showing locations may not be physically found. It might be changed into another operation location. But for avoiding this issue user always Onsite service from our end. 100% secure and genuine services will be provided by us.

Customer's Policy
  • 1. We are not sharing customer’s information. It only shared with company staff only to complete customer's service request.
  • 2. Customer/Purchaser must ensure/agree with all term & conditions before buying/purchasing any product or service from this portal.